When the pump of the "Blowpipe with Pump" does not slide smoothly

As you use the Blow Pipe with Pump, the lubricating oil in the pump may decrease, or if you leave it in a cold place for a certain period of time, the lubricating oil may harden.

The lubricating oil inside the pump tends to harden, especially during cold seasons such as winter.

We will introduce what to do when the wind is no longer blowing due to poor slipperiness.

Use a silicone spray.

You can purchase one at a home improvement store for just a few hundred yen.

To make it easier to apply the spray inside the pump,

Pull out the pump as shown in the picture.

Insert the straw about 3cm into the hole in the pump and apply the spray.

At this time, spray evenly over the entire area for about 3 seconds.

Finally, pump the pump several times to thoroughly distribute the silicone spray.

This will allow the air to flow smoothly.

The pump is already filled with lubricant.

If the mechanism becomes sluggish or starts making noises and you don't have any silicone spray on hand, it's likely that the lubricant inside has become unevenly distributed.

First, when using the pump to blow air, be sure to push it all the way out and then pull it all the way back out.

Symptoms may be improved by distributing the lubricant evenly inside the pump.

Please try it during the cold season or if you are concerned about it.