I went on a fishing tour

I went on a fishing tour

I went on a fish tour with the Belmont family! 🐟🐡🐠


On Saturday, May 28th , Belmont staff and their families went fishing at Teradomari Port on a "fish tour"! 🎣

Although the weather forecast predicted rain, it was sunny all day.

Most of the participants were fishing for the first time or had not fished in a long time, but everyone caught a lot of fish 😆!!

In the morning, the wind was strong and we were catching a lot of sea bass, but in the afternoon the wind died down and we started catching a lot of sardines and horse mackerel.

We also had the experience of deep frying and eating the fish we caught on the spot.

Deep-fried anchovies

The tour was prepared by staff who love fishing.

Both adults and children who participated were very satisfied, saying "It was fun! I want to go again!"

It was a great day and we all had fun☺

< Belmont items used >

MC-075 Megochi Scissors ( L )

MP-148 Light Fish Grip Navy

MR-028 Fish Grip

BM-409 Dishpan Deep

MP-188 Seki Tsubazo Deba Knife 155mm (with case)

MC-017 Stainless steel casting scale remover (small)

I cooked it deliciously at home too 🍳

Fish Tempura

Fried fish