BM-133 Antibacterial Butterfly Cutting Board (Khaki)

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This cutting board is perfect for a variety of fields, including the mountains, camping, the sea, and fishing.
Its unique feature is that it becomes longer when opened. Despite its small size, it can be used comfortably with long ingredients such as fish, green onions, and burdock.
You can use the left and right sides separately for ingredients that have a particular smell, or for cooked and uncooked ingredients. When opened, it is a long size of 44cm wide x 15cm long. It comes with a convenient measuring scale that can measure up to 40cm. (5mm increments) Antibacterial.

  • Material: Polypropylene, antibacterial agent: Bactekiler
  • Size/When in use: Approx. 440 x 150 x 2 (thickness) mm,
    When folded: Approx. 220 x 150 x 4 (thickness) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 130g
  • Heat resistance temperature: 70℃
  • JAN/4540095041336
  • Made in Japan