I tried cooking mochi using a hot sandwich maker!


I tried cooking mochi using a hot sandwich maker!

Happy New Year 😊🎍

We look forward to your continued support of Belmont in 2022!

To get straight to the point, today is Kagami-biraki!

Did you eat any mochi?

This time, we used a hot sandwich maker to make a fun and easy way to cook leftover rice cakes, which tend to be left over at home!

If you have some leftover mochi, please try this out!

Today's Main Character

Hot sandwich maker

Hot Sandwich Maker [Flat]

Entry number 1: Hasamimochi

At first, I tried sandwiching the ingredients between two pieces of mochi and baking them.

We use the flat hot sandwich maker (BM-056).

On the left, kimchi and seaweed.

On the right is mentaiko and cheese!

I sandwiched each piece between rice cakes and grilled them over low heat for about 6 minutes each.

(Please adjust your time accordingly!)


Both were spicy and went well with the mochi.

It's definitely delicious!

Entry number 2: Wrapped rice cakes, rolled rice cakes

This one also uses the hot sandwich maker [Flat] ♪

There are simple ones like mochi wrapped in bacon,

This is a grilled rice cake pouch with thinly sliced ​​rice cakes and kimchi stuffed inside deep-fried tofu!

When it was done, it looked like a checkerboard pattern 😂!

Both of these were very filling and delicious!

Entry number 3: Okonomiyaki

I used a commercially available base and mixed small pieces of mochi and mentaiko into the mix.

This time we are using the hot sandwich maker (BM-034)!

The dough fit into the depressions and baked up beautifully!

You can see the parent and child in the sleeping bag.

This was also very delicious!

It's filling, so it's perfect for camping meals!

Entry Number 4: Dessert Mochi

Finally, we will finish off with something sweet!

I tried to make it look like a cafe😆

We baked just the rice cake slowly until it became soft, then placed chocolate on top and baked it again.

The chocolate didn't burn and came out soft and creamy!

All the staff are full and satisfied.

How was it?

This time we introduced 4 ways to use mochi in a hot sandwich maker!

It's super easy, so why not try cooking rice cakes using a hot sandwich maker at home or while camping?

~Extra Edition~

I used the blank side of the flat hot sandwich maker as a frying pan and made pork kimchi using leftover pork and kimchi!

It's a good snack...