Jigging off the coast of Sado


Jigging off the coast of Sado

I went jigging off the coast of Sado this weekend!

At a depth of 120 meters , as soon as the 155g jig hit the bottom there was a huge bang and although it was close to getting snagged, it was clearly a fish.

The drag was 5 kg, and the drag occasionally went out as I fought with a large fish for the first time in a while.I thought it was a yellowtail, but what came up was actually a high-quality fish called an ara.

Photo of catching an ara

It was 9.5kg and 83cm , and even the captain was surprised by its size.

83cm Ara

83cm Ara

I recommend you to let it sit for 7 to 10 days after nerve-killing and enjoy it.


🐠How nerves are tightened🐟

Items used:

ML-087 Fighting Armor (NAVY)

MR-031 Fishing measure " type 2 "

MP-129 Digital Scale

MR-007 Metal Fish Grip Mini RD

MP-231 Shape memory alloy nerve tightener Φ 1.5 × 80 cm

MP-289 Lunker 125 HS