Jigging off the coast of Sado


Jigging off the coast of Sado

Six Belmont employees boarded the jigging boat.


The water was 100 to 120m deep, and by aiming for the bottom we were able to catch bottom fish (Atka mackerel, offshore rockfish, and pufferfish).Occasionally bluefish would come in and we would get 1 to 5 hits , making it a fun fishing experience as we kept catching fish throughout the day.

In the end, everyone caught a horse mackerel or larger, which was the best catch ever.

The largest fish caught that day was an undoubtedly huge yellowtail measuring 99 cm and 10.27 kg.


The fish was nerve-killed and delicious.

After tightening the nerves and letting it sit for about three days it's ready to eat.

Please give it a try!


<How to tighten the nerve>

🐟Items used by Belmont🐡

ML-087 Fighting Armor

MR-031 Fishing Measure " Type 2 "

MP-129 Digital Scale

MR-007 Metal Fish Grip Mini

MR-004 Metal Fish Grip

MP-138 FISH PICK (One Shot)

MP-228 Shape Memory Alloy Nerve Tightening

MP-289 Lunker 125 HS

MP-051 Pliers (Discontinued)

MP-066 Pliers Multi-Sheath

MP-084 Metal & PE Line Scissors

MP-108 Stainless Steel All-Purpose Super Cut






Each staff member cooked delicious food for us.