Winter memories ⛄


Winter memories ⛄

It's getting warmer day by day, and I can really feel that spring is approaching.

Before spring comes...

This winter, I went camping in the snow!! 👏

Mizube Ring Sanjo

The location is Mizubering Sanjo in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture.

It was covered in snow, but the footprints were deep enough that you could see the ground.

I'm going to try solo camping overnight on the weekend!

Saturday was relatively warm compared to the cold winter weather in Niigata, and the weather was perfect for camping!

When we arrived around 3pm, there were many other campers and it was very lively.

Despite the snow making everything messy and the poor footing, we somehow managed to set it up and enjoyed a bonfire and some drinks to soothe our tired body until dinner time☺

The set up tent


Wood-burning stove

It's great to be able to cool your drinks with snow👍

Dinner was seasoned pork skirt steak, sausages and grilled camembert.

Seasoned pork skirt steak

Sausage and Camembert

Meat eaten on a hot plate has a different flavor compared to meat grilled on a net!!

The drinks flowed well and I was very satisfied.

It was also shown earlier,

This year we have our first wood stove installed!

Wood-burning stove

The wood stove in the tent kept us warm and we had a comfortable night.

The set up tent

On Sunday, rain was forecast for the morning, so we left while it was still sunny.

It was my first time camping in the cold and snow so I was a bit nervous, but I came prepared and had a great time!

It's going to get warmer from now on, so I'm looking forward to enjoying camping more!

Wood stove chimney

Belmont products used:

・BM-246 TABI fire pit (with grill extension)

・BM-287 Extra thick steel plate