To Mt. Kaikoma in early winter

BM-264 ヤマタク, OUTDOOR, 登山 -

To Mt. Kaikoma in early winter

Last weekend, I went mountain climbing in the Southern Alps.

The route heads towards Mt. Kaikoma via the Kurobe Ridge.

There was no snow at all from the time we left Niigata, and we started our climb while watching the beautiful morning glow.

-------Ojirogawa Valley Parking Lot (Starting Point)--------


The bamboo grass fields, a typical sight of the Southern Alps, continue up to an altitude of around 2,200 meters.

You can still enjoy the autumn leaves near the trailhead.

Passing through rocky terrain

There are many ladders like those used for athletics from the remains of the Fifth Station Hut to Shichijo Hut.

Day 1: Stay in a tent at Shichijo hut

From the campsite, we could see the starry sky and the beautiful night view of Kofu.

On the second day, we head to the summit of Mt. Kaikoma, about two hours from the campsite at Shichijogoya.

The second day, Sunday, was a clear, cloudless day with gentle wind.

The view was so good that we could see Suruga Bay, where Belmont staff member S was out fishing for barracuda.

Mount Fuji is also clearly visible

We left the summit around 10:30 and started descending, collecting our tent at the Shichijogoya campsite on the way, and arrived at the starting point, the parking lot at Oshirogawa Valley, at 5pm.

The coldest air of the year had arrived, and temperatures remained below zero from the start at the Ojirogawa Valley parking lot until we completed our descent.

The clear winter skies of Kanto are wonderful, unlike the winters in Niigata.

--Products used for mountain climbing--

BM-264 Yamataku

It can be used as a stand for a burner when using it on the snow, or as a trivet to prevent heated pots from damaging the tent fabric.

〇 〇 〇

BM-037 BM-037 Titanium cooker 4-piece set (M) (with case)

I brought this because we had a tonkotsu-based shabu-shabu-style hotpot for dinner during our tent stay. Titanium is light and convenient for hiking. It is suitable for cooking in a hotpot, as stir-frying tends to burn easily. It can also be used as a side dish.


I forgot to take a photo of it in use...

On this hike, I also used the neoprene Sierra Cup cover, a new product for next year. It keeps the whole cup cool, not just the handle of the Sierra Cup, so I think it's easy to use not only on the mountain but also when children carry it at camp.