TABI: Two fire pits combined into one

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TABI: Two fire pits combined into one

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The other day I went to take some photos of the TABI fire pit!
We also introduce it on Instagram .
It was chilly in Sanjo City, but the clear, blue sky was perfect for a bonfire, something we hadn't seen in a while.

This time we will introduce a new way to use TABI!!

By connecting two TABI units, you can use the fire pit more spaciously.
It's easy, so please give it a try.

1⃣Remove the adjacent dividers from the two TABI units.

2⃣Remove the legs of one TABI unit that are adjacent to the second unit, and place it on top of the adjacent legs of the second unit.

This is what happens!

3⃣It's finished!

If you use the TABI exclusive grill extension, it can be lifted up like a lid, making it easy to refill the charcoal.

When solo camping, one unit is enough.

If you're with friends or a partner, you can each bring your own and stick them together to add more uses and have fun.

Please give it a try!

-Products shown in photos-

BM-246 TABI fire pit (with grill extension)

BM-247 TABI dedicated grill extension

BM-259 Bonfire Protection Sheet

BM-155 Black leather campfire table