I went to Kobe for fishing.


I went to Kobe for fishing.

Hello, I'm S, a new staff member!

During the recent consecutive holidays, I went fishing in Kobe, aiming for bluefish.

The weather was good that day, and we saw many people fishing on the boats around us.

However, this one starts at 7am and runs for 5 hours until 12pm.

There were no fish caught at all...😭

As the tide went out after high tide at 12 o'clock, the bites finally started.

Using a sabiki rig with a squid attached, I caught two yellowtail and two mackerel in a row!

We continued to catch a few fish after that and finished at 2 p.m.

The result was three people.

4 yellowtail

5 mackerel

1 horse mackerel

It was ✨

Although we didn't catch many fish, we were able to catch a large mackerel of about 50cm, which was the biggest we had ever caught, so it was a satisfying day 😄!

*Further ahead there are photos of the nerve tightening and processing!

After fishing🐠

For organ processing,

The Fishing Deba (MC-080) and FISH PICK Ippatsu ( MP-138 ) were very useful.