I went to pipe fishing


I went to pipe fishing

Our new staff members, S and K, are fishing lovers!

I went fishing again on my day off! 🎣

This time, the opening of the 2022 fiscal year is in March,

Head to the Niigata East Port No. 2 Breakwater Managed Fishing Area!

Staff members S and K started around 10am, two hours after the opening.

Unfortunately it was raining on this day.

There weren't many customers because of the strong wind and rain.

An hour and a half after it started.

Around 11:30, staff member S got a hit!

I caught a Spanish mackerel about 50cm long!

After that, the weather improved and the number of visitors increased.

Staff S and K persisted until 3 p.m., but they didn't catch anything...

We only caught one fish that day!

I was able to neatly remove the flesh of the fish I caught using a deba knife👍

I simply seasoned it with butter and soy sauce,

As you can see from the picture, the Spanish mackerel at this time of year was very fatty and delicious😋!!

These are the fishing records of staff members S and K!

<Belmont items used>

MR-004 Metal Fish Grip BL

MR-036 Fishing Measure "Type 1"

MP-188 Seki Tsubazo Deba Knife 155mm (with case)