I went to try my revenge at pipe fishing!


I went to try my revenge at pipe fishing!

I went to Gozu Fishing Park again on my day off!

Last time, it was just new staff member K, but this time it was staff member S and I.

I went to pipe fishing

This time, we started participating in the morning, so the event was bustling with people.

So I fished in Pond No. 2, which is smaller than the main Pond No. 1.

At the start of the morning fishing, the pond was frozen and there were few places to cast, and the water was cold, so I didn't catch much.

However, after 9:30, the temperature began to rise and the ice on the pond began to melt.

The staff scattered some bait, which made the fish more active and we were able to catch more fish!

The results were: Staff S caught 20 fish, and Staff K caught 25!!

We caught more fish than last time and it was a very satisfying day!

By the way, the fish we caught was fried in butter and delicious.

<Belmont items used>

MP-030 Toughnium Stringer

MP-041 Hook releaser (BL)