Fishing report has arrived 🐠vol.1

FISHING, 釣果レポート -

Fishing report has arrived 🐠vol.1

The other day, I went fishing at Mukogawa Ichimonji with the members of the club I belong to.
It had been a while since I last went fishing, so I was excited and started preparing bait the day before.

Mix thoroughly until it becomes sticky.

Then, at 6am, we set sail and finally headed for Mukogawa Ichimonji.
As expected, it was very cold first thing in the morning, which made us a bit worried, but once the sun came out it became very warm, making it the perfect day for fishing.

It seemed like a great day for catching fish.

Then, during the morning, the float went in smoothly and I was able to catch a good-sized chinu, measuring 46 cm.

Although I had many frustrating experiences after that as the fish got away many times, I was glad that I was able to catch the chinu that I was aiming for.

That's all for the fishing report.