We tried camping on a rainy day! ⛺


We tried camping on a rainy day! ⛺

Four guys went camping at Oguni Forest Park in Nagaoka City!

Unfortunately, it was raining, but we went ahead with the event! ✊🔥

As it was raining that day, there were hardly any people there and we had the place to ourselves.



Once the tents were set up, it was time to start cooking.


Using a cooking board and a Seki Tsubazo knife, I tried making ajillo with lots of vegetables.

Ingredients for Ajillo

Making Ajillo

The cooking board was very useful as the two boards that were attached with magnets could be removed and used separately, allowing me to cook in a small space.


Use the Dish Pan Deep to cook rice, fry food,

Spring rolls in a dish pan

Deep-fried in a dish pan

We used TOKOBI and an extra thick iron plate to cook a big steak, and eating it in the middle of nature was something special!!! 😋🍚


When we were setting up the tent in the rain, we were soaked that I was worried for a moment, but

It was a fulfilling camp that made everyone want to do it again next time.



<I made a lot of other things too😆>

Make pizza on a cooking board

Pizza baking on an iron plate

TOKOBI and hot sandwich maker

Yakiniku at TOKOBI

<Belmont items used at camp>

BM-420 ORYOURIBAN cutting board and knife set

MP-188 Seki Tsubazo Deba Knife 155mm (with case)

BM-406 Black Skin Skillet Shallow 6 inch

BM-409 Dishpan Deep

BM-278 TOKOBI full set

BM-155 Black leather campfire table

BM-380 Bonfire Blowpipe Light Brown with Pump

BM-034 Hot sandwich maker

BM-287 extra thick steel plate