Speaking of February!


Speaking of February!

It's snowing again today in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, and the cold days continue ⛄
Hello! This is the Belmont Cooking Club 🍳
It's 2022 and already we're already in February!
February is Valentine's Day 🍫
So that's it for this time!
I tried making it! ✨
Very few ingredients and very easy!
Of course, at camp,
Because I can't go out much
I think it would be fun to try making it at home.
Why not spend some time at home with Belmont gear?
Here's the recipe!

It was a smooth pudding like mousse!

You can also enjoy the pudding you made all by yourself!

You can also share it with everyone!

Extra chocolate for chocolate lovers!

Sweet and salty with persimmon seeds!
(If you put too much on, the taste of the persimmon seeds will dominate.)

Try making it in a Sierra cup and serving it in it!

If you add the new product Sierra Cup Cover from March

It's easy for even small children to hold it.

Please try making it😆

Here are the products I used this time: