Enjoy a BBQ☀


Enjoy a BBQ☀

During Golden Week, a few of our staff members had a cozy BBQ 😆!

It was rainy during the first half of Golden Week, but spring-like weather finally returned in the second half, making it the perfect day for a barbecue.

Grill the meat...

Grilled meat

Grilled scallops...


We also enjoyed pizza on an iron plate.

It was a big hit with the kids too!

Pizza on an iron plate

Also, this time, I tried cooking using the BM-226 TOKOBI chimney screen as a test.

TOKOBI fire pit

The weather was good, but the wind was strong.

With just the TOKOBI fire pit, it felt like the wind was blowing it around quite a bit, but the chimney screen itself acted as a windshield, allowing us to maintain a stable fire! 🌟

Thanks to all of you, it was a very satisfying barbecue! 🍖

TOKOBI fire pit

<Belmont products used>

BM-278 TOKOBI fire pit full set

BM-226 TOKOBI Chimney Screen

BM-115 Black leather campfire table

The staff's pet dog also enjoyed the event!