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"Connections" start from this table

This is a sturdy and luxurious camping table made from high-quality ash and walnut wood.
Not only is it great for camping, but it also creates a high-quality space as home interior.
The wood's texture is left intact, and the surface is finished in a way that develops a unique character the more it is used.
You can enjoy the changes that occur over time while maintaining it.



Easy-to-maintain assembly
The tops are assembled one by one.
Therefore, if a board cracks or becomes damaged, you can simply remove one board and replace or repair it.
There are no screws on the table surface, making it easy to clean and hygienic.

Assembling the top board

Top board

● Mortise and tenon joint

Old-fashioned techniques
This is a technique commonly used in woodworking, and by combining a mortise and tenon prong, it creates a simple yet strong and sturdy finish.
Joining pieces of wood together without using adhesives or screws is a technique unique to Japan, and is well suited to Japan's dry and humid climate.

Tenon Joint

Tenon Joint

●Leg stopper

Uses a leaf spring system
This is an original stopper designed for camping tables using the leaf spring method that has long been used in Buddhist altar fittings.

Leg stopper

Leg stopper

●Storage stopper

Suppressing leg flapping
This prevents the legs from flying out when storing and reduces noise when transporting.
When in use, it has grooves that open outward so it can be used as a small tool hanger or to hang plastic bags.
(Do not hang anything too heavy.)

Storage stopper

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