How to replace the cup of the bait scoop

We will show you how to replace the cup on your bait scoop.

① Disassemble the bait scoop

To remove the cup, heat the pipe part (A) and melt the adhesive.

(Please use a lighter, gas stove, etc.)

If you apply too much heat, it may deform, so

Turn for a few seconds to heat evenly.

Once it has heated up to a certain extent, remove the cup from the shaft, being careful not to burn yourself.

When using pliers, etc., the shaft and socket that have become soft due to heat

Please be careful not to apply too much force as it is easily deformed.

If it does not come off, try heating it further, being careful of the heat.

When removing the cup, make sure the socket also comes out.

If it comes off together with the cup, go to ② Install the socket

If the socket does not come off even when you pull it, proceed to ③ Install the cup .
(For details on adhesive, see ② Attaching the socket .)

②Attach the socket

While the adhesive is still melting, remove the socket from the cup.

Remove the adhesive from the shaft and socket using sandpaper etc.

Please remove it cleanly.

Next, prepare the adhesive.

An epoxy resin adhesive is used.

Mix the base agent and hardener in a 1:1 ratio until the mixture turns white.

Apply a suitable amount of adhesive to the inside of the socket and attach it to the shaft.

When doing so, adjust the socket so that it is straight.

Attach the cup

If there is adhesive remaining on the shaft,

This causes the air inside to be blocked and the cup to float.

Remove any remaining adhesive with a toothpick or similar.

In this state, if you try to fit the replacement cup in, you may find that there is a gap.

In that case, adjust it by wrapping some cellophane tape or PE line around it.

Try adjusting it until the cup fits easily but not too tightly.

Put an amount of epoxy adhesive (about the size of a bean) into the pipe part of the replacement cup.

Insert the shaft.

④ Adjustment

The grip part of the shaft has a recess (B) where you can place your fingers.

Adjust the indentation (B) so that it is in a straight line with the bottom of the cup.

This completes the cup replacement.

Allow to dry thoroughly and check that it is adhered properly before using.