New product purchase campaign

As a special gift for purchasing new products released in 2023,

We will give you a laser marked stainless steel triangle stove as a gift!

Triangle StoveTriangle Stove
(Size: approx. 7.5 x 13.5 cm, weight: approx. 93 g)

You can choose either ① or ② laser marking.

② You can add any text you like, such as your name, date, or alphabet, next to the logo.

(About 10 characters, font and size cannot be selected)


After purchasing the product, we will send you an email regarding laser marking to your registered email address.

・Design ① or ② of your choice

In the case of ②, the characters you want to laser mark

Please enter the information below and then reply.

A triangle stove will be delivered with your purchase.

*If you do not require laser marking, please reply "No."
*If we do not receive a reply within two business days from the day after we send you the email, we will send you a triangle stove without laser marking.

Limited time only until April 21st (Friday)!

Sale ends when stock runs out.

We hope you enjoy the outdoors with your own triangle stove.