Polarized sunglasses


These are Belmont's original high-performance polarized sunglasses, designed with attention to detail to suit a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, and camping.


Uses RARTS polarized lenses.
Our unique adhesive technology ensures a strong bond between the two lenses and the film, significantly reducing the intrusion of water and other foreign substances.

In addition, the lens is coated with a clear multi-coat that neutralizes reflective color and has water-repellent, heat-resistant, and anti-static properties, so it won't get in the way when you're out in the field.

An up-and-coming brand launched by long-established lens manufacturer Ito Optical Co., Ltd.
The highly durable lenses, made using unique technology, are used in activities such as mountain climbing and fishing, and have received high praise.

Lens shape

It features six sporty curves that cover the eyes.
By using a 6-curve lens curve, the glasses cover the eyes more when worn, preventing light from entering from anywhere other than the lens.

6 CurvesCurve Comparison


Wellington-style frame that can be used in a variety of situations.
The basic shape is a Wellington style that is easy to use for everyday use such as driving and sightseeing.
In addition, by making the rim thinner without compromising the Wellington shape, we have ensured lightness and a wide field of vision.
The functionality of the lens is maximized even during outdoor activities.


Nose pad

Nose pads that stay in place and are unnoticeable.
The large silicone nose pads prevent the mask from slipping during activities and leave no marks on the skin when removed.
It's not noticeable when worn.

Nose pad


Lightweight and comfortable beta titanium temples.
The temples are made from beta titanium, a lightweight, rust-resistant, and elastic titanium alloy, making them comfortable to wear and stress-free, and also have a hook function when removing the glasses.
It can also be bent and adjusted to fit the shape of your head.
The earsocks are made of elastomer resin, which is soft against the skin.


With case

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