TABI fire pit connection

The TABI fire pit is not large and is lightweight, making it perfect for solo use, but it can also be connected together to make it ideal for families and groups.

BM-246 TABI fire pit (with grill extension)

《Connection method》

1⃣Remove the adjacent side panels of the two TABI units.

2⃣Remove the legs of one TABI unit that are adjacent to the second unit, and place it on top of the adjacent legs of the second unit.

It looks like this.

3⃣It's finished!

If you use the TABI exclusive grill extension, it can be lifted up like a lid, making it easy to refill the charcoal.

Of course, you can connect not just two units, but three or more units, so you can gather around the campfire with a large group of people and enjoy a variety of cooking methods.