BM-226 TOKOBI Chimney Screen

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Simply place it on the TOKOBI fire pit and you will see a dramatic reduction in smoke.
If you attach the iron plate (sold separately), the chimney effect will be enhanced by the rising air current. Secondary combustion will occur with the air from the hole at the top and the gas that was burned initially. (This is more likely to occur at high temperatures.) The height makes it less susceptible to the effects of wind. A wire shelf can also be attached, so cooking will remain easy.
Comes with a special case.

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  • Material: Body: Stainless steel, Storage case: Nylon
  • Size/When in use: Approx. 260 x 440 x 297 mm,
    When stored: Approx. 260 x 397 x 60 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg
  • Load capacity: 16kg, when using wire shelves (sold separately) 8kg or less per shelf
  • JAN/4540095042265
  • Made in Japan