BM-246 TABI fire pit (with grill extension)

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◎TABI+1 Campaign

If you purchase TABI now at the Belmont Online Shop, you will receive one of these grill nets as a gift!
Like the current version, it has anti-slip processing and weighs 96g.
Please try using it as a replacement net!


It is lightweight and compact, but you can also use larger logs by removing the side panels.
This titanium fire pit has good combustion efficiency and a grill, making it easy to cook with.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, from solo camping to camping with a small group, stream fishing, mountain climbing, and long hikes. The grill extension is included, making campfire cooking even more convenient. When the grill extension is attached, you can place a cooker or other items on the entire surface, making campfire cooking even easier.

Main body: 298g (fire bed + legs) + 29g (side panels) + 96g (mesh) + 55g (grill extension) The total weight is approximately 478g, but the main body alone weighs only approximately 298g and can be used as an ultra-lightweight campfire stand.

{ How to connect the TABI fire pit }

  • Material : Body: Titanium, 18-8 stainless steel, Storage bag: Nylon
  • Size/When in use: 237×360×170mm,
    When stored: 178 x 360 x 15 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 478g
  • Load capacity : Fire bed: approx. 15kg, Net: approx. 5kg, Grill: approx. 3kg
  • JAN/4540095042463
  • Made in Japan