BM-275 TOKOBI Iron Plate (with side panels)

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This set includes a 2.3 mm thick iron plate and side panel (which doubles as a wind shield) that can be set on the top or bottom of the firebed.
If you place it on the wire shelf, you can cook on a hot plate (it is anti-slip). If you attach it to the included side panel, you can cook pizza, gratin, etc. with the heat from above. It can also be used as an ash tray.

  • Material: Blue tempered material, 18-8 stainless steel
  • Size: Iron plate: approx. 402 x 225 x 2.3 mm thick, Side plate: approx. 210 x 195 mm x 2 pieces
  • Weight: Iron plate: approx. 2kg, Side plate: approx. 315g x 2 pieces
  • JAN/4540095042753
  • Made in Japan