BM-283 Iron Rack PLUS

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The BM-283 Iron Rack PLUS can be used as a table by itself, and can be stacked with the BM-281 or BM-282 to add an extra shelf as a rack. The top plate can withstand a load of 30kg, so it can hold heavy items! Since it is made of iron, you can even place hot Dutch ovens directly on it.

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  • Material: Iron (cationic electrocoating), tabletop: Iron (black chromate plating)
  • Size/When in use: Approx. 590 x 285 x 300 mm ,
    When stored: Approx. 590 x 285 x 50 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2.7kg
  • Load capacity: 30kg per rack
  • JAN/4540095042838
  • Made in Japan