BM-350 Titanium Dripper & Cooker Set

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This set includes a dripper and a mug that can be stacked inside the cooker.
The dripper is assembled and can be removed for compact storage. The spout of the cooker is thin and pours the right amount of water for dripping. The double-walled mug is 350ml and the handle can be folded up. Please use a cone-shaped coffee paper filter.

  • Material : Cooker, mug, dripper: titanium, dripper stand: aluminum, handle: stainless steel
  • size / Cooker: Outer diameter approx. Φ106 (inner diameter Φ96) x 103 mm , Mug: Outer diameter approx. Φ91 (including handle) (inner diameter Φ79) x 81 mm , Dripper: Outer diameter approx. Φ95 x 80 mm , Dripper stand: Outer diameter approx. Φ94 mm
  • Capacity: Cooker: 730ml, Mug: 350ml
  • weight / Approx. 285g
  • JAN / 4540095043507
  • Made in Japan