BM-380 Bonfire Blowpipe Light Brown with Pump

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A blowtorch is used to revive low-burning embers, charcoal fires, or weak flames.
The stainless steel body is rust-resistant, and the extendable design allows for compact storage. The tip is removable for easy maintenance when the tip is clogged with debris. The separate grip keeps the handle stable and allows for pinpoint airflow. Attaching the pump with a screw makes it easy to blow air. It can easily blow strong air, so it can be used to start a fire, increase the heat, and even clean up scattered ashes.

Double action system - Air comes out when you push and pull.

When the pump of the "Blowpipe with Pump" does not slide smoothly

  • Material: Body: Stainless steel, brass, Grip: Natural wood, Accessories: Natural wood, polyester, Pump: ABS resin, PVC, PP
  • Size/Usage size: Φ2.5 (diameter) x 85cm,
    Storage size: Φ2.5 (diameter) x 23.5 cm,
    Pump: Approx. Φ5.2 x 21cm
  • Weight: Pipe: approx. 130g, Pump: 92g
  • JAN/4540095043804

The second photo is dark brown.