BM-406 Black Skin Skillet Shallow 6 inch

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A black iron skillet with a removable handle.
The shallow skillet is perfect for grilling. If you remove the handle and place it on the table, it can be used as a plate. Unlike cast iron, the black iron plate can be washed with detergent to remove stubborn stains. It is very easy to use.

  • Material: Body: Iron (blue tempered 1.2 mm) clear coating, Handle: Iron (cation electrochemical coating)
  • Size: Approx. 220 x 170 x (depth) 24 mm
  • Weight: Body: Approx. 284g, Handle: Approx. 51g
  • Compatible heat sources: direct flame, halogen heater
  • JAN/4540095044061
  • Made in Japan

*Precautions when using with induction cookers

  •  When using an induction cooker and seasoning it with oil before using it for the first time, the clear coating on the exterior may adhere to the induction surface when heated, so please wipe it off immediately. The induction surface will be hot, so be careful not to get burned.
  • Even after seasoning or re-coating with oil, any remaining clear paint on the exterior may adhere to the induction heating surface.
  • If the clear coating has adhered to the IH surface and cannot be removed by wiping, please refer to the cleaning instructions in the instruction manual for your IH induction cooker. It will advise you to use a cream cleanser for IH top plates.