BM-505 Bonfire Blowpipe Naguri Grip with Pump

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This grip is made from teak, one of the world's three most precious woods.
Because each piece is hand-carved by a craftsman, there are no two pieces that are the same, and each piece has a beautiful grain, shade, and knots. Because it is made of solid wood, the surface will dry out and become chipped or rough, but with proper maintenance, you can enjoy the changes that occur over time.

By screwing the pump onto the bonfire blowpipe, you can easily blow air into the fire. It is a double action system that blows air whether you push or pull it. It can easily blow air continuously, so even children can do it easily.
It is useful not only for starting a fire and increasing the firepower, but also for cleaning up scattered ashes.

  • Material: Body: Stainless steel, brass, Grip: Teak, Accessories: Natural wood, polyester, Pump: ABS resin, PVC, PP
  • Size/Usage size: Φ2.5 (diameter) x 85 cm, Storage size: Φ2.5 (diameter) x 23.5 cm,
    Pump: Approx. Φ5.2 x 21cm
  • Weight: Pipe: approx. 130g, Pump: approx. 92g
  • JAN/4540095045051