Distant Target (total length 690mm)

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Made from titanium, it is light, strong, and rust-proof.
It floats on water.

Please choose the size of your titanium cup from 9ml to 23ml.

  • Material: Power carbon shaft, EVA grip,
    Cup: Titanium, Metal parts: Aluminum (anodized)
  • Total length: 690mm
  • Weight: 52g (when M cup is installed)

  • Size, weight and capacity of titanium cup alone [SS] Long diameter 45mm, 4.5g, 9ml
    [S] Long diameter 50mm, 6g, 12.5ml
    [M] Long diameter 52mm, 7g, 16ml
    Deep type [M] Long diameter 49mm, 7g, 16ml
    [L] Long diameter 60mm, 8g, 23ml
    For boiling [L] Long diameter 60mm, 7.5g, 23ml

  • Features: Incredibly light and soft shaft minimizes strain on your arms, allowing you to easily deliver bait to the target spot.
    * Shaft hardness level 4