Distant Target (Total length 850mm)

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Made from titanium, it is light, strong, and rust-proof.
An ultra-long design of 850mm that combines amazing distance and direction.
The bait comes off easily. It floats on the water.

Please choose the size of your titanium cup from 9ml to 23ml.

  • Material: Power carbon shaft, EVA grip,
    Cup: Titanium, Metal parts: Aluminum (anodized)
  • Total length: 850mm
  • Weight: 60g (when M cup is installed)

  • Size, weight and capacity of titanium cup alone [SS] Long diameter 45mm, 4.5g, 9ml
    [S] Long diameter 50mm, 6g, 12.5ml
    [M] Long diameter 52mm, 7g, 16ml
    Deep type [M] Long diameter 49mm, 7g, 16ml
    [L] Long diameter 60mm, 8g, 23ml
    For boiling [L] Long diameter 60mm, 7.5g, 23ml

  • Features: The soft, ultra-long 850mm shaft allows for easy, long throws using the repulsive force.
    * Shaft hardness level 2