ML-130 Fish-killing mat

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By placing the fish on the mat, it becomes less likely to thrash around, allowing procedures such as brain-killing, bleeding, and nerve-killing to be carried out more efficiently.
Because the fish do not come into direct contact with the deck or ground of the boat, damage to the fish caused by their thrashing is reduced. It is also suitable for tasks such as fish printing.
You can also easily measure the size of fish by passing the MR-036 Fishing Measure Type 1 through the upper slit.

  • Material: Urethane (density: 30.0±2.4, hardness: 150±30)
  • Size: Single item: Approx. 525 x 390 x 20mm, When connected: Approx. 990 x 390 x 20mm
  • Weight: Single: Approx. 128g, Connected: Approx. 256g
  • JAN/4540095031306
  • Made in Japan