[Limited Edition] Nogatana

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Commemorating the release of the new Nogatana!

This field knife is perfect for solo camping, and comes with a "Titanium Sierra Cup Deep Type 350ml", "Extra Thick Iron Plate (Mini)", and a case to store everything!
Please choose the material for the handle of your field knife.

This knife is perfect for cooking and detailed work.
It is small and has a thin handle, making it easy to hold for both men and women, and is recommended for people who don't want to carry a lot of cooking utensils outdoors or for solo travelers.
Both the body and sheath are manufactured at a local factory in Sanjo.
The dedicated sheath has a belt loop for easy carrying.
It can also be used as a fruit knife at home.

  • Material/Blade: Hitachi Yasugi steel (white paper No. 2),
    Pattern: Natural wood (walnut/beach/rose),
    Sheath: Cowhide
  • Weight/Knife: Walnut approx. 52g, Beech approx. 54g, Rose approx. 56g,
    Sheath: Approx. 30g
  • Hardness: HRC60 or higher

After use, wash it thoroughly and wipe off any water before putting it away. If water remains, it may cause rust.
If the blade becomes dull, sharpen it with a whetstone to restore its sharpness.
A custom-made screw is used, allowing the handle to be removed and sharpened all the way to the base.

Characteristics of wood

Hardwood of the walnut family
It is heavy, resistant to impact, strong, tough, and has little warping.
It has a gentle, flowing grain and combines beautiful appearance with excellent properties, making it highly popular since ancient times.
The wood surface also changes with use.

Beech <br>A hardwood from the Fagaceae family with a dense, hard grain, shock resistance, and tough material, making it a widely used wood.
However, it has extremely low durability, so the more you use it, the more character it develops.

Rosewood <br>A broad-leaved tree from the legume family.Some fresh wood has a rose scent, which is where the name comes from.
It is said to be the finest material for furniture because of its high resistance to insects and bacteria and its beautiful finish. It is also used for the decoration of musical instruments because it does not warp easily.