How Dragon Stake was created

The Dragon Stakes are manufactured in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, where Belmont is located.

Chromium molybdenum steel

The material used is chrome-molybdenum steel, which is characterized by its hardness and toughness.

A block of iron heated to 1200 degrees is hammered and shaped by forging.

By hitting the iron multiple times to fit the mold, the density inside the iron increases.

This pressure creates a strong, durable and long-lasting product.



The next step is to cut out the dragon stake shape.

Two pieces are made from one board.

Press into the shape of a dragon stake

As its name suggests, the Dragon Stake's distinctive feature is its undulating shape that resembles a dragon's back.

This was developed to make it easier to secure the guy ropes and less likely to come loose.

The next day, we conducted a strength test.

Exam results etc.

The following are the results of our research.

Tested items: Dragon stakes, Company A pegs, Company B pegs, Company C pegs

*Two sizes were tested across all companies.
(Tested with Dragon Stakes of 18cm and 24cm.)

*Three bottles of each type were tested and the average values ​​were graphed.

Load: 0kg (We set up the pegs from each company and tested them like this.)

Load capacity: Approx. 503kg (measured based on the maximum load of each manufacturer's pegs)

(Average value of three tests from each company. Company B tested two due to an error.)

(Average value of three tests from each company.)

Test results showed that the hardness and toughness of chrome molybdenum steel made

We were able to confirm that the dragon stake is strong.

Because the dragon stake is flat,

On hard surfaces, the uneven surface makes it less slippery.

In loose ground, it is easier to insert it sideways and experience resistance.

Dragon Stakes are durable and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

It will come in handy at camp.

BM-430 Dragon Stake 18

BM-431 Dragon Stake 18 (set of 8)

BM-432 Dragon Stake 24

BM-433 Dragon Stake 24 (set of 8)