BM-256 Stainless Dutch oven 8 inches

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A stainless steel Dutch oven that is easy to use and does not require seasoning.
The weight of the lid creates pressure, making it easy to cook in the oven. The capacity is a reasonable 2.87L, so you can make curry for 6 to 8 people. It is also designed to be placed inside a 10-inch Dutch oven for cooking and storage, so you can make gratin, lasagna, bread, etc. without burning them.
It can be used at home as it is compatible with both direct flame and induction heating.

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  • Material: Body and bottom net: Stainless steel, lifter: Aluminum
  • Size: Pot: approx. Φ204×95mm, Lid: approx. 211×36mm, Lifter: approx. total length 180mm, Bottom net: approx. 190×10mm
  • Weight: Main unit: approx. 2.52kg, lifter: approx. 195g, bottom net: approx. 125g
  • Capacity/full capacity: pot 2.87L
  • Plate thickness: Pot: bottom 3mm, sides 2.3mm; Lid: bottom 3mm, sides 2.4mm
  • JAN/4540095042562
  • Made in Japan

Introducing Jinji Kojaku, product planning supervisor

Outdoor Coordinator After working for an outdoor equipment manufacturer, she supports outdoor photography, mainly for magazines, advertisements, and commercials. Using her cooking talent, she introduces quick and easy dishes and recipes to various media, co-hosts cooking classes, kayak tours, MTB tours, and more, and is active in communicating the joy and importance of spending time outdoors. Using her experience, she is also involved in planning and designing outdoor equipment.
He has written many recipe books for camping and mountain cooking, including "Bonfire Cooking Book" and "Mountain Cooking" (Yama to Keikokusha). On weekends, he runs the cafe "Suzumeya" at Misaki Port, at the tip of the Miura Peninsula.
Representative of Suzumeya Co., Ltd. "spurv" is the product logo of Suzumeya Planning.